GoPro – when hero4 won’t turn on!

Diving gear: check. Diving card: check. Insurance card: check. Spoke with the girls: check. Great! Everything is ready for my first time organizing Women’s Dive Day. I am SO looking forward to it! Hold your horses… my GoPro! It’s not working – what is going on? It was not long ago that this problem popped-up last minute and my GoPro was not willing to accompany me on this beautiful day that I was so excited about. It was unbelievable (I like to say «almost magical») that with a little bit of patience -and dependance on others to take and share the pictures I wanted-, following a few steps, GoPro started to work again! 🙂 These are the steps I took: 1.- I removed the mini-SD card and inserted it in my computer. That way, I could secure my images, and also be sure that it was not the SD card which was messing with the camera. 2.- I removed and re-inserted the battery. 3.- Pressed the shutter button (the one to take pictures, as per the image above) for 10 seconds. 4.- Letting go the shutter button, I didn’t touch the camera for about 5 seconds. 5.- Pressed the «mode» button for about 10 seconds. As I did not obtain any response whatsoever from my camera, I moved on to the following step… 6.- I connected my GoPro to a wall socket (NOT to the computer) and put it to charge. I used an USB cable and a charger (in this case an iPhone charger, output 5V and 1A). *It is recommended to charge the camera plugged into the wall, rather than the computer. In my case, immediately and almost magically, the red LED light appeared when I put my camera to charge after the steps above. So… 7.- I left my camera to charge for a few hours until it was fully charged. When the GoPro is fully charged, the LED light will automatically turn off. 8.- When disconnecting the camera, I pushed «mode» button for a few seconds, and the camera turned on. Then, I turned it back off. 9.- Lastly, I waited about 10 seconds, and then introduced my mini-SD card. After 5 seconds, I turned the camera back on, waited another 5 seconds, and tried to take a picture. The camera worked. I tested videoing, and it worked. I checked the camera functionalities and settings, and everything worked as expected. I was so happy! This is how I reseted my GoPro and made it work. I think it is also important to mention that I also emptied my SD card and reseted it. *Disclaimer: The fact that it worked for me does not guarantee that it will work for you. If your camera is showing difficulties or failing, please, do not hesitate to contact GoPro.

GoPro – .lrv & .thm files

Has the following ever happened to you? You download your GoPro pictures and videos to your computer or external hard-drive, and you get some .thm and .lrv files just like these! Isn’t it a bit annoying having no idea of what all of this is about? Actually, it is pretty simple – let me help you with it! These files are just auxiliary files which can help when using the GoPro App. Using which GoPro will I see this? Hero5 Black Hero4 Black and Silver Hero3+ Hero3 HD Hero2 What are .thm? .thm is used as an abbreviation of the word thumbnail (miniatures). .thm files are basically a miniature of a video (.mp4), as image format. It is a frame of said video, a random capture of a specific moment of that video. When you want to select a video with the GoPro App (both on Android and IOS), the App shows a mosaic of mini-images which are captures that belong to each video you have recorded with your GoPro – that way, the clip you are looking for will be identified easier, and the App rendering will also be optimized. To check this, you can pick any .thm file and change it to .jpg (example: GOPR0623.thm becoming GOPR0623.jpg). You will see the image reduced to 14’577 bytes, and at the following dimensions: 160 x 120. When you download the original file into your computer, the .thm file can be erased no worries, as it only occupies some space in your drive. UNLESS you will use the App. Then, it will be convenient to keep them. What are .lrv? .lrv are the low resolution videos. .lrv files are video files, just the same as the original .mp4 but lower resolution. They are used like that, mainly, to optimize previsualization, again with the GoPro App. Therefore, the clip will be the same duration, just its size will be smaller, as it can be seen in the image above. To check this, you can switch .lrv for .mp4 (eg. GOPR0623.lrv becoming GOPR0623.mp4) – the file will be lighter and its dimensions will be reduced to 432 x 240. These files can be automatically generated, like with the previously mentioned cameras, or depending on resolution (in 5 Black or 4 Black or Silver). This file can be erased, as long as the original is being saved – Remember! You cannot expand the size of these reduced files. I hope this helps!! 🙂

GoPro – mi hero4 no se enciende

Tengo el equipo, la tarjeta del seguro, mi certificación de buceo, avisé a las chicas… genial, todo listo para esta primera celebración del Día de la Mujer en el Buceo. ¡Qué ganas! Ah, sí, me falta la GoPro… Ay, ¿qué pasa? ¡No enciende! Hace poco me llevé un buen susto cuando mi GoPro decidió no querer encender durante un par de días. Casi que mágicamente, después de aplicar un poco más de paciencia y de depender de otros para que saquen las fotos que me gustan, siguiendo un par de pasos, mi GoPro volvió a funcionar 🙂  Esto es lo que hice: 1.- Extraje la tarjeta mini-SD y la inserté en mi ordenador, con lo que me aseguré de que no era la tarjeta lo que hacía fallar a la cámara, y de que no perdía algo si tenía material en la tarjeta. 2.- Extraje y volví a insertar la batería. 3.- Mantuve presionado el botón del obturador (con el que se sacan las fotos) durante unos 10 segundos. 4.- Al soltar el botón del obturador, no toqué la cámara durante unos 5 segundos. 5.- Luego presioné el botón del modo (el de delante que pone «mode») durante unos 10 segundos también. Al no obtener respuesta alguna, continué con el siguiente paso… 6.- Conecté mi GoPro a la pared – NO al ordenador – y la puse a cargar, usando el cable USB y un cargador (en ese caso concreto fue un cargador iPhone con salida «output» de 5V y 1A). *Es recomendable cargar la cámara enchufada a la pared, mejor que al ordenador. En mi caso, ahí, casi mágicamente, me apareció la luz LED roja que suele aparecer cuando pongo a cargar mi cámara. Así que: 7.- Dejé cargar mi cámara unas horas, hasta que se cargó completamente. Señal de ello es que cuando la GoPro se carga completamente, la luz LED se apaga. 8.- Al desconectarla, pulsé el botón de encendido («mode»), dejándolo fijo unos segundos, y la cámara encendió. 9.- Para finalizar, volví a apagar la cámara, esperé unos diez segundos, e introduje una tarjeta mini-SD. Tras esperar cinco segundos, volví a encender la cámara, esperé otros cinco segundos y probé a sacar una foto. La cámara reaccionó. Probé a hacer vídeo y también grabó. Curioseé las funcionalidades de la cámara, y ya todo funcionaba bien. ¡Qué alegría! Así es como reseteé la GoPro y logré hacerla funcionar. Cabe destacar que también vacié la tarjeta y la reseteé. *Disclaimer: Que me haya funcionado a mí no da garantía de que te funcione. Si tienes graves problemas, por favor, no dudes en contactar con GoPro.

Women’s Dive Day – PADI

Come join us to celebrate Women’s Dive Day by PADI – a celebration for women who SCUBA dive around the world. Are you one? Keep reading!

International Day of Yoga

We are back with yet another international day. Where do I get these from? Actually, they are official! The United Nations, under their motto «peace, dignity and equality on a healthy planet«, declares international days to give room to and create awareness on matters of general interest, such as the protection of human rights, sustainable development or health. As you may already know, travel, sports and health are subjects that greatly interest me, and I enjoy writing and sharing about experiences that mark my everyday life and my life of travel. I recently published an article on superheroes (that I think you should read, and invite you to do so!), and today, 21st of June, we celebrate a new interesting day: Happy international day of yoga! I find it somehow funny that I remember getting really bored during some yoga classes I took about ten years ago in some gym. And for that reason I was really surprised when I got hooked on yoga during quarantine… I could not stop learning, meditating and practicing! Perhaps at this point in my life I was really prepared to receive all the wisdom that this discipline entails, in such a holistic way. Physical activity needs to keep happening! (I said to myself) So I surpassed the acquaintance status with the building stairs and paid my daily visits to the rooftop for training sessions and dancing under Mister Big-vitamin-D. Back on my computer, I randomly found a yogi girl who was offering short yoga guided lessons via youtube. I was curious. A few of my dearest friends told me how they practice it everyday, and I liked the way this online yogi talked in her videos: natural, with a smooth voice, without forcing or big ambitions for the newbies… just flowing. It was just a great way to connect with my own body, breathing and movement (just like freediving!), disconnecting from the frustrations and impotence of the lockdown situation, letting go, and becoming grateful and appreciative of the now and what I am and do have. I honestly cannot remember when it was that I first practiced yoga. Maybe it was when I was about five and started practicing rhythm gymnastics for so many years… the warm-ups and the stretches are so similar! It could have been before or after that. Perhaps that gym class, in high school or at university, or when I was training for my freediving competition! There was so much focus and attention on the body and breathing… I definitely recall studying and practicing while being the head of the PE department in a high school and preparing my student Lea for her GCSEs in yoga… It could have also been in the last few years, with my workmates during some of our fun free time. Actually, I could have also practiced without even knowing that yoga was the name of what I was doing! So when does one really start? I guess since the beginning. Who more is in the here and now than a baby? Anni Taskula So this makes me think. I don’t know even half of what there is to know about it. An idea popped up Who can tell best how yoga is lived but people who do it or have it as a lifestyle? I decided to interview a handful of beautiful people who I know and/or have served me as inspiration. Men and women from different backgrounds have dedicated some of their precious time to bring you, dear readers, a perspective on yoga that you won’t find in the books or navigating the Internet. So what is yoga? Yoga is more than a physical activity that comes from India: it is also mental and spiritual practice. That’s why it is an amazing practice for mindfulness! The actual word yoga means unity, as it symbolizes the union of mind and matter. Yoga is the ultimate practice for connection with our minds, bodies, and spirits. Patrick McConnell Yoga to me is a philosophy about unity; unity within myself, unity with the physical and energetic surrounding, unity through people – collective awareness and universal knowledge. Anni Taskula Yoga is a practice that makes me feel good and at peace with me and the world. Ricardo Ramos Yoga for me is recovery, healing, freshening, strengthening; exercise for the body and mind. Matt Richardson Yoga is everything: How you live your life, how you treat other people, how you treat yourself, etc. It’s a mindset that everything comes out of. Nuša Molek Yoga is my philosophy of life. Yassy MM A tool for taking care of the body and soul Jan J Yoga is a way of connection between my body, mind and soul. Julieta Virgili Yoga for me is a constant journey of learning more about how to live life in balance and harmony to create happiness within and with others. It’s a way for me to connect with myself and remind myself what is important in life and what makes me truly happy. Practicing yoga will never end for me, it doesn’t stop when I step off the mat as it is so much more than just the asana movements that a lot of people in the west associate yoga with. Cat Butterfield Yoga holds such significance that in December 2014, the United Nations recognized not only its universal popularity, but also the need to create awareness about its great benefits, emphasizing the importance of individuals and populations making healthier choices and following lifestyle patterns that foster good health. So the international day of yoga was created, to share the advantages of this practice, for the benefits and wellness of the worldwide population. Yoga practice generates this feeling of deep awareness of oneself and the energy one feels, through mind and body alignment, reconnecting within to then connect with the outside. Here are some of the benefits that my interviewees and myself thought of: Physical benefits Flexibility Strength Balance Agility Lung expansion Body posture Limbering

Today is SUPERHEROE day

I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles Superman Yes, today 28th of April is international superheroe day! It was April 1995 when Marvel employees went out to ask children which superpowers they would love to have. Can you imagine that? I am not sure about how it happened, yet I love to imagine some business-man and woman wearing suit-and-tie, ready to switch for a hidden tight-spandex with the underwear on the outside… and that tiny blonde kid with an innocent yet sneaky look approaching and saying, hey, why is your underwear actually outside of your clothes? After a few laughs and some wondering gazes still in awe for not being sure about the authenticity of that Spiderman in front of them, they start replying… Flying! I want to fly! I want to make my bed by pointing at it with my index! I wanna do homework just by putting two fingers on each side of my head and closing my eyes strongly! I want to run as fast as I can! Now that I think of it… which super-power would you like to have? I’d love to fly and to teleport… sounds too cool! It was funny though when they were asked about their favorite superheroes, as most did not wear any tights with visible underpants. The vast majority looked like normal people. Just someone in their lives who shows up to solve a problem when threats arise. Their uniforms where not as tight. They would wear police badges, fireman’s hoses, a teacher’s smile, a doctor’s stethoscope, or a mum or dad’s helping hand. Heroes are made by the path they choose, not the powers they are graced with Iron Man This is where we all come in, comforting a stranger, sharing our belongings -even giving them away-, cooking for someone, helping them with their tasks… it is on the daily decisions that we can all be superheroes in our everyday lives. When someone should do something, we should double-check what we can really do to be that someone. A hero can be anyone, even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a little boy’s shoulders to let him know that the world hadn’t ended Ben Affleck These days are full of chaos. They call it quarantine. I made up a new word, cinquantine© (TM), cause it’s definitely been over forty days, and it will be fifty in a few more. A virus «suddenly» spread little by little and quite quickly, all over the World. Countries have been shut-down, yet proper resources not fully provided everywhere. Conspiracies on why this is happening rise, some which sound very convincing. Professionals of the same field swear the virus has been created, while others state that a virus -as life- cannot be created from nothing. Politicians state different truths, yet many confine us all to our homes, or wherever the virus caught us. In fact, several countries have been affected by indefinite restrictions, freedoms being cut, and new laws being implanted, creating a vibe of communism to which citizens respond with revelry, anger, and the calmest, frustration. Masks become a must in many countries since moment zero (where the number of cases is neither high or growing too quickly) yet in other countries, governors still insist that they are not really necessary. Media gives hundreds of different and opposite versions of the same one thing, contradicting each other and even themselves. TV programs, facebook pages, and twitter accounts get mysteriously banned after sharing certain information. Phones are controlled. Communication is controlled. Approach with others is controlled. Physical closeness to our beloved ones is controlled. A document named ID2020 shows even more control. Maybe this post will also be controlled. Sounds too crazy. Yet it is all real. Chaos. It is also sadly real that hundreds of thousands of people have died of covid within the past about two months. And millions are ill, with this and other illnesses. People are still getting, treating and dealing with cancer, leukemia, fibromyalgia, heart attacks, panic attacks, anxiety (which is obviously raising)… Other people are losing control, setting up bombs in medical centers, going to the streets with swords, jumping off balconies because they do not know how to deal with this uncertain, chaotic situation. Mental and physical health is at risk. Amidst all of this though, we find immense beauty Hundreds of thousands of people find hope, peace and balance, and use their inner strength and seemingly infinite love to help others. From anonymous people to famous artists (please stop hating them just because they have mansions or found out how to make an immense revenue before you and I did), people are making funny videos to make others laugh, creating challenges to keep each other entertained and looking for little big steps to take towards some specific goals. Some are donating tons of money for the cause, and some are making masks for their families and their neighbors. Some are offering cheaper plans for the phones, giving free advice on the internet, preparing yoga or home-sports routines -and for free-, checking up on the neighbors, helping the elderly, going shopping for others, singing songs or dancing in the balconies. WE ARE BIG INDIVIDUALS, WE ARE BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEINGS. We are little-big heroes winning a battle that we didn’t want to fight. Yet we are armed with big resources, incredible minds and unbelievably beautiful hearts. And today is superhero day Today is my brother’s day, my cousin’s day, and my best friend’s day. Today is my other friend’s day, my cousin’s friend’s day and my blogger-friend’s day. Today is every nurse’s day. Every single day since the 13th of March, we are going out to our balconies at 7pm to clap to the healthcare personnel and first-line workers. And we do this because we acknowledge and recognize that they are risking their lives for us. They


Y aunque no sea poesía, este artículo publicado un 28 de abril -día internacional de los superhéroes- inspirado por superhéroes del día a día, transmite, en efecto, emociones exaltadas e inspiradas, en honor a los héroes que estuvieron, como ayer, hoy y mañana, también en primera línea durante el covid-19, dando todo de ellos por todos nosotros. Siempre agradecida♥. «Un héroe es un individuo ordinario que encuentra la fuerza para perseverar y aguantar a pesar de obstáculos abrumadores» Superman En efecto, hoy 28 de abril, es el día internacional de los superhéroes. Era abril de 1995 cuando los empleados de Marvel salieron a preguntar a los niños cuáles serían los superpoderes que les gustaría tener. ¿Te lo imaginas? No estoy segura de cómo pasó… sin embargo, me gusta imaginarme a un hombre y una mujer de negocios con chaqueta y corbata, preparados para cambiarse rápidamente a un oculto y ajustado uniforme de elastano con su ropa interior por fuera (creo que es sólo para que sepamos que la llevan)… y un pequeñajo de ojos grandes e inocentes aún algo ruin en intenciones, clava su mirada en ellos mientras les dice ey, ¿por qué llevan los calzoncillos y braguitas por fuera? Tras unas cuantas risas y algunas miradas sospechosas y dudosas sobre la autenticidad de ese Spiderman, comienzan a responder… ¡Volar! ¡Quiero volar! ¡Quiero hacer la cama con tan sólo señalarla! ¡Y yo hacer la tarea sólo enviando la orden con fuerza cerrando los ojos y con dos dedos a cada lado de mi frente! ¡Yo quiero correr infinitamente rápido!… Y tú, ¿qué superpoder escogerías? A mí me encantaría volar y teletransportarme… mola. Curiosamente, cuando les preguntaron sobre sus grandes héroes favoritos, la mayoría no llevaba mallas con ropa interior superpuesta. La mayoría se veía como gente normal, alguien en sus vidas que estuvo presente para resolver un problema cuando algo amenazaba con el bienestar. Sus uniformes no eran tan ajustados. Más bien llevaban placas policiales, mangueras de bomberos, sonrisas de maestros, fonendoscopios médicos, o manos de un padre o una madre amorosos y dedicados. «Los héroes están hechos por el camino que escogen, no por los poderes con los que han sido agraciados» Iron Man  trabajando… shhh! Y ahí, queridos, entramos todos… consolando a un extraño, compartiendo -o incluso regalando- nuestras propiedades, cocinando para alguien, ayudándoles con sus quehaceres… es en las decisiones diarias donde todos podemos ser superhéroes en nuestro día a día. Cuando alguien debería hacer algo, nosotros deberíamos chequear y comprobar qué podemos hacer para ser ese alguien. «Un héroe puede serlo cualquiera, incluso un hombre haciendo algo tan simple y tranquilizador como poner un abrigo sobre los hombros de un niño pequeño para hacerle saber que el mundo no se ha acabado» Ben Affleck Estos días llenos de caos que llaman cuarentena… yo ya los llamo cincuentena© (TM), ¡nuevo término! Casi cincuenta días encerrados por un virus que apareció «de repente» e igualmente se ha extendido rápidamente por todo el Mundo que conocemos. Países cerrados, mientras que los recursos adecuados siguen sin ser provistos del todo en cada lugar. Grandes conspiraciones emergen, algunas, muy convincentes. Profesionales del mismo campo juran que el virus ha sido creado, mientras otros aseguran que un virus -como vida que son- no puede ser creado de la nada. Políticos defienden diferentes verdades, mientras muchos nos confinan a todos a nuestros hogares o lugares donde nos pillara la pandemia. Muchísimos países han sido afectados por restricciones indefinidas, con libertades tajadas, nuevas leyes implantadas casi a escondidas de los ciudadanos y aprovechando la ocasión, creando ambientes con aires comunistas, a lo que los ciudadanos responden con rebeldía, enfado, y los más calmados, frustración. Las mascarillas se vuelven obligatorias en muchos países desde el momento cero (y aún mantienen sus menores números de casos), mientras en otros los gobernadores aún insisten en que no son realmente necesarias. Los medios de comunicación dan cientos de versiones diferentes e incluso opuestas de la misma noticia, contradiciéndose unos a otros e incluso a sí mismos. Programas de televisión, páginas de facebook, y cuentas de twiter son misteriosamente intervenidas, prohibidas o cerradas tras desvelar cierta información. Los teléfonos son controlados, la comunicación es controlada, el acercamiento a los otros es controlado, tocar a nuestros seres queridos está controlado. Aparece un documento llamado ID2020 que muestra aún más control. Quizás esta publicación también sea controlada. Suena muy loco. Y aún así es real. Caos. También es tristemente real que cientos de miles de personas hayan muerto de covid en los últimos dos meses. Y que millones estén enfermos, de lo mismo, y de otras enfermedades. Aún se detectan y tratan cánceres, leucemias, fibromialgias, ataques al corazón, ataques de pánico, ansiedad (que aumenta en estas circunstancias)… aún se pierde el control, y algunos ponen bombas en centros médicos, salen a las calles con espadas, saltan de sus balcones porque no saben cómo afrontar la incertidumbre de este caos. La salud física y mental está en riesgo. Y en el medio de todo esto, encontramos una grandísima belleza Cientos de miles de personas encuentran esperanza, paz y equilibrio, y usan su fuerza interior y su aparentemente infinito amor para ayudar a otros. Desde personas anónimas hasta artistas famosos (no sientas rechazo hacia ellos sólo porque tengan mansiones o hayan descubierto cómo hacerse con tantos ingresos antes que tú y yo), están haciendo vídeos para hacernos reír, para inspirarnos, creando retos para mantenernos unos a otros entretenidos, para buscar progreso. Algunos donan millonadas a la causa, y otros hacen mascarillas para sus familias y vecinos. Ayudando, ofreciendo planes especiales de telefonía, dando consejo gratuito por internet, preparando rutinas de yoga y otras disciplinas deportivas a hacer en casa -y gratis-; comprobando cada día cómo están los vecinos, ayudando a los ancianos, yendo a comprar por otros, cantando canciones, jugando o bailando en los balcones. SOMOS GRANDES INDIVIDUOS, SOMOS SERES HUMANOS BONITOS. Somos pequeños-grandes héroes que están ganando la batalla que no querían luchar, y aún así estamos armados con grandes recursos,

The StopOver WiFi

Landing in a foreign airport, you have no data. Can’t find any WiFi, and when you find it, you can’t connect – there is no way. You have a long stopover. You need to contact someone. You wanna tell your beloved ones that you arrived safely. You can’t find the directions to your new place… Does this sound familiar to you? It seems like we just found a solution! Anil Polat, blogger and tech-smart traveller (also a computer security engineer) had the awesome idea of recording all data from all airports’ WiFi from around the World, and their passwords, to make them accessible to anyone who clicks on the following map. Isn’t it interesting? He created an interactive map so people can collaborate and update passwords, so the map is constantly up to date. As I write this, I read that the last time this happened was only three days ago! The map presents over a hundred airports all over the World, and all you have to do is to click on the little planes, to get the data to connect to its WiFi. For those of you who are thinking how can I read the map if I am offline?, he also came up with a solution! You can download it ahead of time, so you can use it being offline. This guy thought of everything! Or so it seems! He also developed an app, for both Android and Apple. If interested in downloading it, it’s USD1’99. This is one of the examples that he put on his website (the image is his):   What do you think? Here you’ve got some ideas to use that time during your stopovers… Enjoy!! Movies on travel and adventure …and some tips to read before boarding!! 9 tips for when you’re onboard the plane

El WiFi de los aeropuertos

Aterrizas en un nuevo aeropuerto extranjero. No tienes datos. No encuentras WiFi. Tienes una parada de horas, o quizás necesitas contactar con alguien. Quieres avisar de que has llegado bien. No encuentras cómo llegar a tu alojamiento. Te aparece el icono de red, y no logras conectarte a ella… ¿Te ha pasado algo de esto alguna vez? Parece ser que ahora ya hay solución. El ingenioso Anil Polat, blogger y friki tecnológico viajero (dicho con mucho cariño, pues es ingeniero informático), ha tenido la genial idea de recoger en un mapa todos los wifis y contraseñas respectivas de todos los aeropuertos del mundo. Una tarea, desde luego, interesante. El mapa es interactivo, de manera que todo viajero podrá también colaborar y actualizar las contraseñas, en el caso de que hayan cambiado. Su actualización es constante. Al escribir este post, por ejemplo, hace sólo tres días fue actualizado. Presentado a continuación, este mapa cuenta ya con más de un centenar de aeropuertos distribuidos a lo largo de los continentes, y basta con clicar en el avioncito, para que salgan los datos necesarios para conectarse a la red local. Ha sido desarrollado además, un mapa de descarga para poderlo utilizar offline. Así, se puede acceder, incluso cuando no se ha previsto de antemano. También ha desarrollado una app para Android y Apple, para aquellos que estén interesados en descargarla, y cuesta 1’99 USD. Éste es uno de los ejemplos que tiene en su web (la imagen es suya):   Aquí te dejo además, algunas ideas de entretenimiento para pasar esas horas: Películas de viaje y aventura …y algunos consejos ¡para cuando embarques! 9 consejos para cuando estás en vuelo

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