Has the following ever happened to you?

You download your GoPro pictures and videos to your computer or external hard-drive, and you get some .thm and .lrv files just like these!

.lrv and .thm with no previsualization

Isn’t it a bit annoying having no idea of what all of this is about?

Actually, it is pretty simple – let me help you with it! These files are just auxiliary files which can help when using the GoPro App.

Using which GoPro will I see this?

Hero5 Black

Hero4 Black and Silver



HD Hero2

What are .thm?

.thm is used as an abbreviation of the word thumbnail (miniatures).

.thm files are basically a miniature of a video (.mp4), as image format. It is a frame of said video, a random capture of a specific moment of that video.

When you want to select a video with the GoPro App (both on Android and IOS), the App shows a mosaic of mini-images which are captures that belong to each video you have recorded with your GoPro – that way, the clip you are looking for will be identified easier, and the App rendering will also be optimized.

To check this, you can pick any .thm file and change it to .jpg (example: GOPR0623.thm becoming GOPR0623.jpg). You will see the image reduced to 14’577 bytes, and at the following dimensions: 160 x 120.

When you download the original file into your computer, the .thm file can be erased no worries, as it only occupies some space in your drive. UNLESS you will use the App. Then, it will be convenient to keep them.

 .thm and .lrv files with their big brother .mp4 video

What are .lrv?

.lrv are the low resolution videos.

.lrv files are video files, just the same as the original .mp4 but lower resolution. They are used like that, mainly, to optimize previsualization, again with the GoPro App. Therefore, the clip will be the same duration, just its size will be smaller, as it can be seen in the image above.

To check this, you can switch .lrv for .mp4 (eg. GOPR0623.lrv becoming GOPR0623.mp4) – the file will be lighter and its dimensions will be reduced to 432 x 240.

These files can be automatically generated, like with the previously mentioned cameras, or depending on resolution (in 5 Black or 4 Black or Silver).

This file can be erased, as long as the original is being saved – Remember! You cannot expand the size of these reduced files.

I hope this helps!! 🙂

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