Traveling rocks!

For a long time, I have believed in a life designed by oneself, out of the ordinary and breaking the pre-established «norms», as they are not the one and only way to live and be happy. I believe in a life based on experiences, adventures and discoveries. I believe that, if we get educated and prepared, to be self-sufficient and stay focused, with the head over its own shoulders, with effort, passion and willingness, we can make our dreams and deepest desires come alive.

I would love to share with you what I know, what I have learnt, experiences I have had the chance to live, so you discover new places without having to leave home, and to help you and guide you on your journey if you want to go ahead and explore the continents… so we can travel together through many different corners of the world.

Travel with me.

And today… where are we heading towards?  

continents / continentes
countries / países

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