71% of our planet is water. Our five oceans (Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic and Antarctic or Southern) conform one of the main biodiversity reserves in the World. Their protection and care is essential, as they keep our planet healthy. They provide humans and multitude of species with the capacity to be prosperous. It is essential for our survival and wellbeing. We know about 250000 species out of all of the ones which exist in The Big Blue. Marine biodiversity (variety of life in oceans and seas) is key to sustainable development, and being able to go and explore the underwater world is a luxury that we need to consciously and intentionally value take care of.

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Fundamental and non negotiable values in diving

When diving is taught, excellence is a goal. A good diving instructor will always aim to train divers with whom to be looking forward to going to the water again, for fun dives, enjoying the dive while taking care of our oceans, following the no-touching rule, avoiding killing what is not necessary, and having the least negative impact in the ecosystem we are visiting. That is why the following are non-negotiable values, for our well-being, the well-being of our dive buddy and the ocean and its species, always being responsible, being able to trust each other and being accountable, always communicating clearly, respecting each diver’s times, in honesty and integrity.






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After over ten years diving, both SCUBA and Freediving, I decided to professionalize, to help, guide and teach others, and share about life in The Big Blue. Certified by:

13 Years of Experience

As 71% of the planet is water, so is about 70% of our body. As an islander, I grew up surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, I love being in and under it, and the ocean is home to me. Perhaps that is a reason why some of my closest call me sirena (mermaid). And that may also be why I consider conservation and the utmost respect for the ocean as fundamental for our relationship with it and for our existence.

Diving with me you will get the best service, for you -with the safest practice- and for the ocean. We will immerse ourselves following all security measures and accident prevention, always attentive to your needs and rhythm, no rush, enjoying marine life, observing their behaviour and the colours of the fauna and flora, experiencing the beauty of the underwater world and all of its sensations. Leaving no trace behind but air bubbles and a cared-for ocean for the whoever is coming next.

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