Welcome to Honolulu, the biggest city and capital of the state of Hawaii (USA). Located on the island of Oahu, and hosting visitors at about 105ªF / 40ªC on any August day, it invites you to roam around in your automatic convertible, to visit its well-known beaches, and to freshen up in its waters (never under 23-24ºC). Have you still not visited? Here, some inspiration if you still need that little push to visit this wonderful place. Enjoy!Did you know that Hawaiian language has only 13 letters? The famous word Aloha is used as a common greeting, translated as hellogoodbye, and even thank you. For Hawaiians, though, aloha is a much wider concept – it is love, affection, peace, compassion and mercy. Aloha Spirit is the motivation of each individual to connect with themselves and express their thoughts and feelings towards others. It is the coordination of mind and heart within each person. It implies mutual affection and warmth with no obligation in return, to coexist, sharing happiness. It is a gift that cures the spirit.

Surfing is a remarkable sport on the islands of Hawaii. There, international championships are held, and it is even considered the home of surfing. This sport has been known for over 500 years on the islands of Polynesia; and it was already practiced in Hawaii when captain Cook arrived in 1778. This statue, named Makua and Kila was built in honor to the Hawaiian values of love and respect for Ohana (family) and the Ocean.

Do not forget to dance on the waves when on your visit to the hula islands! 🙂

Waikiki beach belongs to the Honolulu suburb holding the same name, and it is worldwide famous due to being surrounded by the vast majority of the hotels in the capital. Its crystal clear waters, less wavy than the ones in the North Shore, welcome the whole family. On top of that, the area offers entertainment for everyone, from the beach to the active nightlife, shopping centres and even free hula shows in the streets.

Even being an artificial one, Waikiki beach is full of surfers all year round. It is fair to say that those looking for bigger waves in winter should definitely check out the North Shore. 😉

Never stop smiling!! 🙂 Hard to stop while being in Hawaii, I must say…

High hotel buildings, shopping centres and beaches is NOT everything Honolulu has to offer. Wandering around its many parks and recreational areas is a must. Especially as you leave the centre and approach the more residential areas. Biking is for sure a very nice and doable option.

Hawaii’s climate, open areas, the Ocean breeze, and all of its beautiful parks make locals live their daily life outside. Don’t forget to take your time to wander around and go for walks then you visit. Do as the locals do.

Honolulu is perhaps the Hawaiian place where you’ll best see the influence of being part of the United States. Whomever has been to this country already knows that they like everything big. Here, you can see the very ample roads – seven lanes just for one direction. Don’t forget: you drive on the right, sitting on the left, and generally, automatic cars (careful trying to find the clutch, you readers used to drive manual!).

Sand Island is not a very touristy spot, or at least not so well known. It is a little island that belongs to Honolulu, where detention camps took place from the Pearl Harbor attack until March 1943 – thus its former name, Quarantine Island. Nowadays, there’s a recreational park, a camping and fishing area, and it is very nice to take a walk by its coastline. Honolulu can be observed by its shore, even while surfing and swimming. Access is restricted in some areas due to the port traffic – so please, mind the signs.

And now… what are you waiting for to go and visit Honolulu? 🙂

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