Birthday coming up? Celebration? Is she going away for some time and you just wanna give her something? Out of ideas? The woman traveller (the authentic one) will LOVE practical stuff, related to travel and adventure. Whatever you choose, apply that practicality and versatility rule – and you’ll be alright! 馃槈

Here, I present you with some examples for inspiration – enjoy!

The MAP theme

If she loves traveling, she will LOVE a good map. Possibly (probably!), she already has some sort of map hanging somewhere around the house. If she doesn’t, she needs one!

I am close to tell you that I can promise you she will spend hours staring at it, daydreaming about discovering new places, playing over some travel memories, wishing for new adventures. Looking at a map is like traveling with the soul. So she does need one. Maybe something with a map within – some postcard (hand-written! How romantic!), a cover (for her phone, camera, laptop, backpack), a table cloth, some jewelry… anything around the topic.

If existent, mindful with trendy sentences within the design! She may not like trendy trends!

ALL-in-ONE tool

Especially if she is a bit of a MacGyver, she’ll enjoy one of those multi-tools to fix any or everything. These tools usually have knife, a screwdriver, a can-opener, tiny scissors… a decent variety of mini-tools altogether. Practical and easy to find. What else could she ask for?


A true traveller will always carry with her (when traveling, of course), her adaptors. If she does not have them, then she needs them! Nowadays you can find all-in-one ones, which is pretty neat, as they take much less space in the luggage! Practical and necessary to charge all electronics when travelling internationally!

Portable battery charger

How nice is it to be able to charge your cell while on the go, or having the possibility of doing so when there are no plugs around? A super recommendation here are the solar battery chargers! Rechargeable by usb and just by solar power! Practical AND ecological!

Be mindful that the amperes in the portable battery are enough for the electronics she might use with it!   

The mini

I think one of the kings or queens of the traveler’s gifts are the mini gifts, such as personal hygiene items. Gels, shampoos, perfumes, mini-brushes, hair products, face soaps and masks… The adventuress who loves to take care of (and even spoil) herself will always, and I reiterate – always – take advantage of these… if not for this trip, for the upcoming one!

Recommendation! Good smells and quality (always quality over quantity!) 


The authentic traveller will LOVE adventures. So even when she is not traveling, she will be searching for fun activities to do wherever she lives – this keeps her spirit active, and her zest for living and experiencing alive. There are so many websites (depending on where you/she live/s [ask me in the comments below! I’ll give you some links!]) where you could find packs or activities on offer. If she enjoys chilling, spa day is a go-gett(h)er; if she enjoys staying active, maybe some kayaking excursion, abseiling or a new guided dive. If you can afford it, get her a getaway! Don’t worry about all-inclusive or luxury, camping or simple accommodation combined with a nice hike will be luxurious enough! 馃槈

Tip: The better you know her, the more on spot you’ll be with the surprise!!

Certain clothing apparel

Here, it depends a bit on whether she loves filling her closet or trying to / staying minimalistic. Translated: more of anything versus only specific items. My thoughts are: underwear, socks, and multi-function pieces will always make her smile!

*Underwear. Be mindful with this one, it really depends on the kind of relationship you’ve got with her. It can be awkward if you’re not immediate family (parent, child, sibling, grandparent or partner) or her bestie, and you give her underwear. In many cultures, giving underwear can imply 芦I wanna see it on禄, so keep that in mind (and stay respectful and appropriate) before selecting your gift.

*Socks. No twists here! Anyone can give anyone socks and they are almost always needed! Winter socks, summer socks, high ones, invisible ones, biking ones, fun ones with cartoons or personalized, odd ones to have a different design on each foot… socks wear out easily. They can be practical and make room for fun stories!

Tip! Some people cannot use certain materials or seams make it impossible for them to wear some socks (if so, look for seamless socks). You can also be safe and go for the stay at home kind 馃槈

*Multi-function pieces. I personally love these! Foulards/throws/scarfs/sarongs/tops… Some throws can be used in a way for summer and rolled around the neck in the winter; some can be used as foulards or tops, or even as a short dress; some can become skirts… For example, I own a piece that is a top, pants, and a dress, all in one! Wonderful! Practical, useful, versatile, and it does not take much space! 


Are you also a traveller and have accumulated miles? Or maybe you just wanna help her get some new ones? You’re a catch! 馃槢 She will appreciate the miles – which will help her get to some nice destination for free, be closer to do so, or get a discount for a trip! Guaranteed smile right there! 馃槈

Items to her liking

As mentioned above, the best presents will be practical, versatile, useful, of quality and reduced size… and of course, of her liking! Maybe you do not know her too well – so just pick any of the other options (or one of these movies!). If you do know her well enough, or at least have the opportunity of knowing her likings, you can choose some more 芦specialized禄 presents. Here are some examples:

*Photography or electronics lover: Memory cards for her cameras or cell phone; covers for her devices (light and of good quality); cords (such as usb cords, hdmi, 3.0, etc); energy converters; headphones; storage items, such as external hard-drives (mindful of the capacity and quality of the drive. Also, prices raise on this one!).

*Camping lover: Always practical, light and something that takes little to 芦no禄 space. From an emergency whistle for excursions, a foldable silicone cup, stainless cutlery or an inflatable pillow. Chairs, lights, insect repellents. Sleeping bags and tents can be slightly more complicated to get if you do not know her (or her needs) very well… on top of that, they are also more pricey.

*When she is practical yet very feminine: a tiny purse with many pockets and compartments, with zippers and proper closing for security. That was actually one of my favorite presents many years ago: a small purse that I used on every trip until it wore off. Its size allowed for my wallet and small camera to fit in, all my documents, passport, cellphone and a little notebook, a pen, the keys… all in a perfect tetris, by section and very well organized. On top of that, its strap was adjustable, and its small and compact size made it fit inside my carry-on backpack, or even as an extra piece to bring in the cabin of the plane. Items like facial cream (you also need to know her for this one, as there are specific creams for specific skins, etc), mascara (for her eyelashes), or a nice and non-sticky gloss are useful and help her stay feminine and classy during her trips, if she enjoys that.

I really hope this list has inspired you! And that she agrees with it!

Be sure to add this page to your favorites to save it for later in case you need it, and share it with others that may be looking for some ideas!

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