9 images that will inspire you to visit North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

When staying around Waimea Bay, it is so easy to just rent a bike and cruise around the wonderful beaches in the area. An absolute recommendation! Remember that the North Shore is worldwide famous for its huge winter waves, some of the biggest in the World in fact. Due to this, Oahu is the legendary mecca of surf, with its crystal waters that welcome, every year, the best surfers of the Planet! There are so many peculiar handmade street signs in the area. It is not strange to find them made out of old surfboards, indicating the way to a touristic attraction, for private houses, or to warn for the famous «neighbor watch», where inhabitants collaborate with the police to «catch the bad guys». Walk around, wander and move. Admire your surroundings and take in the beauty that encircles you. The turquoise crystalline waters of Hawaii embrace you with warm temperatures, usually above 23-24 degrees Celsius, and generally around 26-27 degrees. It may be shocking at first to the ones used to colder waters, but even with high temperatures, diving in is still refreshing! Due to their location, precipitations on the islands are quite frequent. As a result, the land shows off its green and lush. Oahu gets about 250 days of rain per year, being it also quite abundant. Tunnels between the city – in the South – and the North Shore, do not stop Nature’s thirst to manifest. Ready for its international fame, the North Shore welcomes surfers, backpackers and travellers from all over the world. Hostels -or backpackers– are well known in the area, and staying there you will have the chance to meet wonderful and interesting people. From young and determined fighters of public and governmental affairs to ex-marines with impressive survival, orienteering and accuracy skills. One of the best activities to share with the small new family you will build once there, is setting up a bonfire on the beach… singing under the stars, observing the fire, having good conversations, and coming-and-going in the water to freshen up by the shoreline. Greetings to the Sun, or checking your balance skills. Sunsets in the North Shore are warm, even smooth, and absolutely peaceful. A little bit of Paradise for those who enjoy yoga, some moments of meditation, of simply watching the Sun going down to hide behind the horizon for the night. A lesson of humbleness coming from the Pacific. When biking around, wandering around the Shore, finding these gems comes as a very pleasant surprise – far from the concrete jungle landscape, administration buildings and city life. It is highly recommendable to walk or ride around enjoying the views, appreciating the difference, and the simplicity that we often forget in our daily routine. Those turquoise crystalline waters though…  There’s not much more than can be said, as a picture is worth a thousand words. #takemeback. How can you NOT fall in love with #Oahu? After all of these images, and seeing this breathtaking Hawaiian sunset, do you still need more reasons to start daydreaming and planning your journey to the North Shore? #AlohaOahu 

Kayaking in Tenerife

As I mentioned in the post top 9 must-do activities in Tenerife, kayaking in Tenerife is one of my top experiences. We decided to go to Los Gigantes -an unmissable spot- and slide its waters, parallel to these impressive cliffs, guided by Teno Activo, a top local business, leader on these kind of activities. Did you know that the Acantilados de Los Gigantes (the cliffs) are 12 kms away from Teno? Did you know that Los Gigantes and Anaga were the first places of the island to surface? The guide that lead our group told us these and many more interesting facts… Kayaking by the coast is an excellent activity to do when the ocean wants to show itself calm. This way, it doesn’t turn out to be a very exigent activity, while still keeping you active. You can look up and observe orography at its best. In the image below, you can spot the galleries created in the forties, to transport water from barranco to barranco (water-ways/ ravines). Nowadays, they’re hiking routes. The vertical lines, known as diques, were solidified first, becoming hard stone that takes longer to erode than the rest of the cliff’s wall. Just before jumping in the water, we stopped at the Bay of Echo. It is the only bay without a barranco, and should not be approached, as its wall elevates dangerously over the shore, increasing the consequences of a possible landslide. When separating from that point, still close to the cliffs and safe, a stop is made. There, you can have a snack and jump in the crystalline waters to freshen up. You can take your own gear -or enjoy the one provided by the company- to observe the bottom on the ocean, as the show continues underwater. This excursion is for all ages. We had two guides: one that was next to us, also kayaking, and telling us #funfacts about the area; and another one that went on a boat. The later would check the state of the coast, look for dangers and keep us all safe in case of an emergency; and of course, to close the group, controlling everyone’s on his sight. Also, he’s the one carrying the snacks, so he knows everybody will pay attention to him 😉 Undoubtedly, a little trip to take and repeat (not my first time, not my last 🙂 ).  Do you want to book your excursion via travelOgrafa? Contact me here, and I will organize it for you! 🙂  

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