Best spots to Surf and Bodyboard in Tenerife

The Canary Islands are a mini paradise for surfing and bodyboarding. World championships are held in some of the islands’ best spots every year. Catching some waves is one of the top activities to do in the island of Tenerife, the one of greatest relief, as it offers a vast choice of beaches to slide off the adrenaline rush. The island is set in a privileged area, being part of the Macaronesia, in the Atlantic Ocean. The winds, temperatures and types of seabed, offer different kinds of waves for all surfers, from the foam for the newbie to the highest peaks for most experienced ones. Below, I list a few of the best beaches I personally know for these two sports. Please, be cautious, respect the sea, and good waves for all 😉 ANAGA AREA Almáciga The first time I got on a surfboard, it was a tiny fish board and right on this beach. Sweet memories playing with the waves and discovering how unstable those boards are… especially for beginners! Access and services: Wild beach. Parking in front of the beach. Refreshments stand. From the capital, you must take TF1 towards San Andrés, and right before entering the village, take left on the roundabout. Go up on that road and take the second exit towards «Taganana/ Almáciga» (TF12). After Taganana and Roque de las Bodegas, you’ll find Almáciga beach. Municipality: Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Seabed: black sand. Direction of the wave: right and left.  Wave characteristics: barrel, wall. Recommendation by ability level: intermediate and advanced.   Warning: strong current area. Dangerous. Do not go away from the shore. Check weather and tides before going in the water. Benijo From my perspective, this is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. Wild. A local gem. A wonderful beach where to spend the day or the evening (especially with receding tide), and watch the sunset. Access and services: No services and no parking. About 45-50 minutes away from the capital (27-28 km). After Taganana and Almáciga (check directions above), you’ll find a curve to the right. Next to the restaurant El Mirador, under the caserío de Benijo, you’ll find a pathway and some stairs that will take you to the beach. This may be my favorite or one of my favorite beaches. Please, take care of it! Municipality: Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Seabed: black sand.   Direction of the wave: right and left.   Characteristics: wall.   Recommendation for ability level: intermediate and advanced. Warning: strong current area. Dangerous. Do not go away from the shore. Check weather and tides before going in the water. NORTH (TF5) El Socorro (Realejos) Home to many competitions, this beach is perfect for bodyboarding, and as a good friend and boogie-boarding mentor of mine would say, wonderful for duck-dive practice! It may probably be the beach where I have practiced them the most, due to the speed of the wave series. Access and services: isolated beach. Parking (usually full). Toilet, wifi area, and a chiringuito (local beach-style food ‘n drinks stand). Disabled accessibility with reserved parking, access ramp and wheelchair friendly. In Los Realejos (after La Orotava), about 35 minutes away (42ks) from the capital. Access by car via TF5 and then main road c820, towards Mirador de San Pedro. Municipality: Los Realejos. Seabed: black sand.   Direction: right and left.   Characteristics: quick wave, barrel, wall. Best tide: all.   Recommended level: intermediate and advanced. Warning: strong currents and strong waves. Martiánez Close to Lago Martiánez, this beach is the most accessible -and very popular- by Puerto de la Cruz. You’ll find it right in front of the main avenue, where there is also a skate park. Surfing and bodyboarding championships are held on this beach. Access and services: right from the city. Access right at the entrance of Puerto de la Cruz, exit 32 of TF5, about 35 minutes (37ks) from the capital. When getting off the highway, continue towards Avenida de Colón; and if it is easier for you, follow the directions towards Lago Martiánez – when facing the ocean, it will be on its right hand. Municipality: Puerto de la Cruz. Seabed: sand and callao (a type of small stone).   Direction: right.   Characteristics: smooth. Best tide: high and mid.   Recommendation: beginner and intermediate. *Tip: You will find surf schools here. SOUTH (TF1) El Socorro (Güímar) Callaos (stones) beach for bodyboarding. You’ll find locals. Access and services: in the coast of Güímar, close to the Malpaís (natural reserve), about 20 minutes (23 ks) from the capital. Take exit 20 when leaving highway TF1. Municipality: Güímar. Seabed: stones and rocks.   Direction: left.   Characteristics: wall.   Recommendation: intermediate. Playa El Faro – Playa Grande (El Porís) Beautiful beach by a fishermen’s village where you can eat really good fish. Mostly locals. Access and services: close to El Porís and a windfarm. Parking. About 35 minutes (44ks) from the capital on TF1, taking exit 39 to continue on TF625 towards Calle Buen Viaje – Carretera del Faro. Municipality: Arico. Seabed: light-brown sand.   Direction of the wave: right and left.   Characteristics: smooth. Best tide: low and mid.   Recommendation: beginners.   Warning: windy. El Cabezo y La Jaquita (El Médano) By El Médano village -on my top three villages of the island, and very close to my heart-, these beaches are TOP for getting started (as is the one coming up). This is also a distinguished area for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Access and services: El Cabezo and La Jaquita beaches are about 45 minutes (64ks) from the capital. South on the TF1, you’ll want to take exit TF64, right before Tenerife South Airport, and all the way down to the shore. After leaving the centre of the village on your right, you’ll go left. You will see various beaches on your right hand. First one is El Cabezo, next one, La Jaquita. Surfers’ village, laid-back vibes, with stores and other sporty centres. Parking. Municipality: Granadilla de Abona. Seabed: volcanic reef, stones and sand.   Direction: right and left.  

Kayaking in Tenerife

As I mentioned in the post top 9 must-do activities in Tenerife, kayaking in Tenerife is one of my top experiences. We decided to go to Los Gigantes -an unmissable spot- and slide its waters, parallel to these impressive cliffs, guided by Teno Activo, a top local business, leader on these kind of activities. Did you know that the Acantilados de Los Gigantes (the cliffs) are 12 kms away from Teno? Did you know that Los Gigantes and Anaga were the first places of the island to surface? The guide that lead our group told us these and many more interesting facts… Kayaking by the coast is an excellent activity to do when the ocean wants to show itself calm. This way, it doesn’t turn out to be a very exigent activity, while still keeping you active. You can look up and observe orography at its best. In the image below, you can spot the galleries created in the forties, to transport water from barranco to barranco (water-ways/ ravines). Nowadays, they’re hiking routes. The vertical lines, known as diques, were solidified first, becoming hard stone that takes longer to erode than the rest of the cliff’s wall. Just before jumping in the water, we stopped at the Bay of Echo. It is the only bay without a barranco, and should not be approached, as its wall elevates dangerously over the shore, increasing the consequences of a possible landslide. When separating from that point, still close to the cliffs and safe, a stop is made. There, you can have a snack and jump in the crystalline waters to freshen up. You can take your own gear -or enjoy the one provided by the company- to observe the bottom on the ocean, as the show continues underwater. This excursion is for all ages. We had two guides: one that was next to us, also kayaking, and telling us #funfacts about the area; and another one that went on a boat. The later would check the state of the coast, look for dangers and keep us all safe in case of an emergency; and of course, to close the group, controlling everyone’s on his sight. Also, he’s the one carrying the snacks, so he knows everybody will pay attention to him 😉 Undoubtedly, a little trip to take and repeat (not my first time, not my last 🙂 ).  Do you want to book your excursion via travelOgrafa? Contact me here, and I will organize it for you! 🙂  

TOP activities to do in Tenerife

There are SO many activities to do on the island of Tenerife. I love number 9, so here, I introduce you to my top 9 must-do activities on the island. 1. Walk – hiking Walking can be done in many places throughout the island, with a vast variety of scenery and difficulty. I’d say go on the registered trails, as some can be dangerous to do by oneself without guidance. Also, please do not go alone, bring enough water, and follow the local recommendations. And, of course – enjoy!! 🙂 This is me a few years back, on the peak of Spain, on the island of Tenerife. Such an incredible, recommended hike – one of my most favorite ever. You get to an altitude of almost four thousand meters! It is also a super accessible hike, both getting to the trail, and moving between the mountain and the ocean shore. Imagine this: the same morning I was at the top of El Teide wearing my snow gear, I was sailing in my swimwear on the South coast. 2. Go underwater – diving/ freediving/ snorkeling I know, I know… this is not one but a group of activities… Whichever you choose, you need to explore the underwater life, the bottom of the Tenerife waters and its unique and endemic species. Please, do respect the fauna and flora around you – remember that you are the visitor; and apply the basic safety on all underwater activities, always going with a buddy and with the proper certification. Enjoy, being safe! I am a lover of the underwater world, and am passionate about these three sport disciplines. Are you in Tenerife and want to learn how to dive? Leave your comment below! I’ll teach you!* [click here to dive with me!] If you dive, please bring your diver ID, diver insurance, and make sure you have a dive buddy! (Also, if you need to know where to rent your material or book a nice dive, drop me a comment below!*). If you freedive, Tenerife will also be your paradise. International freediving championships are held each year on this Atlantic island, home of Apnea Academy West Europe, which welcomes Umberto Pelizzari each year. If you are keen to explore without getting too extreme, you can enjoy snorkeling! We have plenty of safe beaches and crystal clear spots to catch sight of the world below the surface. Check out this video of one of my most favorite organized adventures on the island! 3. Get under land – speleology Tenerife is home to some of the most amazing volcanic tubes in the World, and specifically to the longest one in Europe. Globally, it is only outstripped by some in the Hawaii islands. Visiting Cueva del Viento is a great approach to vulcanology, a magnificent way to get to know the island to its core. 🙂   4. Navigate the skies – paragliding In Tenerife, there are several spots to jump from and go paragliding. To the one who has never tried, I must say, it is an experience like no other. The nervousness one gets before jumping absolutely disappears once the feet are off the ground and you let yourself go. Suddenly, a feeling of tranquility and peace surrounds your body as you see the skies before you and the land under your feet. Tenerife is definitely a place to navigate the skies, be it for the first time, or one more to add to the check-list. (More adventure in the heights: Forestal Park Tenerife, at night!) 5. Taste – gastronomy Canarian food is something Canarians are very proud of, and we have strong reasons to be!! 🙂 Well, if you like eating and appreciate trying new flavors, that is! There are many dishes that are worth trying. Please, do so with the locals, in a Canarian restaurant, or in an authentic guachinche (a place where food is served, with a homey environment and similar to, although not-so-much, a restaurant). 6. Observe the stars – astronomy Being home to some of the best skies in the world*, the amazing firmament can be clearly viewed from many spots on the island. My favorite best is the National Park of El Teide. From up there, the Milky Way and wonderful constellations can be easily spotted throughout most of the year. Many tinerfeños (demonym for people from Tenerife) enjoy the Perseids Meteor Shower roughly every month of August, when el Llano de Ucanca becomes the playground for the night: Night photography at its best! *The Canary Islands are recognized as some of the best sky friendly and sky accessible locations in the world. They are one of the three best spots in the world to observe the sky, together with the Hawaii Islands and Chile. Also in these three locations, observatories are found, as well as the world giant telescopes. The island of La Palma holds the world’s largest single-aperture optical telescope, famous GranTeCan, Gran Telescopio de Canarias or GTC, of which Canarians also take pride. 7. Capture the beauty that surrounds you – photography When you’re a photography lover, you seek opportunities to embrace the beauty that surrounds you, be it landscape, be it people, be it Nature. In Tenerife you have the chance to practice your skills and to be involved with the environment that will undoubtedly welcome you and make you want to stay for longer. 8. Slide on the water – kayaking/ surfing Tenerife is home for international championships of many sports, amongst them, surfing. Apart from this, it is not only perfect for surfing and bodyboarding, but also for kayaking when/ where the Ocean waves are calmer. From Puerto de la Cruz or El Socorro in the North of the island, to Las Américas or El Médano in the South, waves show their sensual moves to excited surfers. And in places like Los Gigantes, the ocean remains peaceful to attract sliders to enjoy the coastline and even crystal clear waters. If you like the ocean, this is

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