all relos in one

My dearest relos are the relocations… oh, so do you really still not know what they are? As I mentioned in Viajar Barato, relocations are the rental cars that, after having been dropped off at a place different as such of their origin, they need to be taken back to it. Businesses have decided not to hire workers to go pick up the cars but instead, they rent their cars at a very low price -or even for free- to people who would do that job for them. It is convenient for both parties (individual traveler + car company), so it is always a win-win situation. 🙂 The biggest advantage of these relos, apart from prices, is that you are quite free to design your own route with the offered car, plus you get to drive (and test!) different kinds of cars or vans… and believe me, many of them are very worth trying! The biggest disadvantage would be that your route will most likely be limited, as you need to take the vehicle from point A to point B, sometimes with limited kilometres, and always with limited days. As I like to write about what I know, I will share with you about my experience in New Zealand. Here’s the list of links that I used first hand. 😉 Hope it helps!! As soon as I get further information on different places, I will keep this updated! And some others: Keep in mind that… when you rent, YOU «wear the pants», when you relo, THE CAR «wears the pants». That being said, if the car is needed somewhere, you must be the one who adapts. You are not supposed to have a saying (even though some companies are flexible) but adapt to the route, pick-up and drop-off places, and duration of the rental. Sometimes… it is free, you will only pay for gas, they would apply some discount to the normal rental price If you have any doubts… write me a comment!! I will give you my answer really soon 🙂 Enjoy!  🙂

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