Black Friday

What is Black Friday? Black Friday refers to the fourth Friday of November -right after the well-known holiday of Thanksgiving– in which Christmas shopping commences… yes, in November. This nowadays’ worldwide known day leads businesses to offer remarkable discounts, to finish the year with a raise of sales. Origin The terminology Black Friday was born in Philadelphia, in the United States of America, and has slowly spread like a virus all over the world. In the last decade, it has been the most important sales day of the year. Back in the 60’s, in Pensilvania’s main city, traffic police used the expression Black Friday to describe the multitude and chaos that shopping brought to that day. Some others give its origin to the cash register, as numbers went red before that day, and right after, they would go back to black. More modern versions have tended to relate the name of this day with the unfortunate demises of some shoppers due to the crushing of the mass. In many foreign countries they have opted to avoid translation, afraid of being misinterpreted when not understanding the meaning. Expansion Year after year, the movement becomes bigger, expanding to more categories, to previous and subsequent days. Stores will put their offers up on Friday, may expand it to the weekend or even the entire week. As expected, this event will also take place in the travel industry. This week, I am sure that you will find great travel deals! Travelling Airline companies and hotel chains also join this major deal-day, sometimes offering up to 80% discount in their products. Some of the ones that I would recommend checking are the following*: Ryanair Easyjet Vueling Canaryfly Bahía Príncipe and Booking (do not forget to use my code, you’ll get a refund of 15 €!) Stores Set in Spain at the moment, I will recommend you some of the commonly known stores (many of them with worldwide or continental reach). El Corte Inglés is one of the pioneer Spanish businesses to participate in Black Friday. Renown store, also with its own brands, that offers a wide variety of products. Some of their most interesting discounts can be found in their technological merchandise. Photography, video and travel lovers will always be grateful. 😉 Other stores: MediaMarkt Carrefour Decathlon Online shopping Amazon is one of the most prestigious worldwide online stores, innovator with its promotions year after year. It has already been offering discounted prices the entire week, including Cybermonday next week. This year, they have also done a countdown, offering products for only 20% of their original price!! Tips Be careful with scams and with compulsive shopping. The best tip would be to focus on what you actually need or want (and no, «everything» should not be an option). Check prices before the big day so you know it is a real offer. When you are buying online, check the veracity of the website, its certificate and the little lock for security; also, check conditions, minimum purchase if it applies, and date of arrival. Now, enjoy the discounts and make this day useful! *No content or brand have been sponsored.

9 tips for when you’re onboard the plane

When you spend some good amount of hours onboard an airplane to get to your destination, it is good to keep a few things in mind, like staying healthy, resting well or having things to do if you’re unable to sleep. Here are nine tips for you to remember for your next journey, especially if you’re on a long haul flight!! 1. Take some entertainment with you Even if you’re travelling internationally and expect the plane to have entertainment, a movie on your cellphone, some music or a good book won’t weight too much and can save you some boring times if you’re unable to rest. *Check how your airline works for entertainment before departure. Some require downloading an application before hand, to then access the options via «in-flight mode» and Wi-Fi. 2. Stay hydrated Drink water. Don’t be ashamed to ask the crew members to please bring you water – don’t forget it is a basic need! Also, bringing a small water bottle with you to refill once you pass security, will help you and save you some coins. *Remember that unfortunately not all airports have drinking water, and use their fountains when they do! 3. Keep your most important belongings with you It is practical to have a small purse inside your main carryon, with your passport, important documents, cards, money or cellphone. That way, when you get on the aircraft, your just put your main carryon on the overhead compartment, and your little purse with you on your seat. 4. Get your sleeping gear ready! If you can, get some good rest. If you can’t, try again; and at least close your eyes to relax. Your body and mind will appreciate it. The sleeping mask is a must on each of my trips. If you’re not yet used to it, doing worry, you will! I sometimes take an inflatable pillow (they take less space in your backpack/ luggage). Ear plugs or headphones are also quite recommended, especially when you suffer light sleep or have noisy neighbours! 5. Get comfy Forget high heels, tons of make-up, lots of jewelry or any clothing or hair-do that will end up making you uncomfortable. Choose to wear certain tights, lose pants or even in some cases shorts (I may have traveled with shorts twice or three times in my life… It was good! But some planes keep the AC quite high during the entire flight!). Haven’t yet tried the compressive tights, but will let you know my opinion when I do. I usually take off my shoes once seated, loosen my hair, sit back and relax. 6. Bring extra clothing Especially when it is a long haul flight, it is good to freshen up and wear something clean, as you can end up spending two days travelling in some journeys. You don’t wanna be wearing the same underwear all of that time! If your airport has showers, take advantage of them, you will immediately feel and appreciate the difference. However long the flight may be, take at least a light jacket with you. Some companies put the AC really high. Also, when you’re tired, you become more sensitive to temperature changes. 7. Bring a snack Don’t be afraid to take out your sandwich when up in the air. Meals are included in intercontinental flights (re-check with your company anyway), and also in some international flights. It is still good, practical and economic to bring your own sandwich. If you end up not consuming it during your flight, you can always have it for dinner. *Please, if you are really hungry and forgot to prepare a sandwich, use the good service onboard. Don’t be hungry just to save! 8. Freshen up! Stand up, go for a walk, exercise your legs and change positions. Use the toilet facilities, wash your face. And do all of these things more often than usually. The pressure or dryness of the air, not being able to have your legs up or being in a reduced space, are unordinary situations for your body. Listen to it and treat yourself right. 9. Be civilized and respectful Please, don’t be the annoying brat on the plane. Be civil. Don’t get on a plane to get drunk. It will modify your behavior, and you will end up bothering everyone around you, and being disrespectful. Don’t be the person you would hate to sit next to. Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.

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