Privacy Policy of TravelOgrafa

Visitors to this site are invited to read the Statement of transparency and the Cookies and Anti-Spam policy.

Which personal data is collected and why


When visitors leave comments on the website, data shown in the forms is collected and stored, as well as IP address of the visitor, to help detect spam.

Embed content from other web spaces

Articles on this site may include embed content, such as videos, images or other articles. Such embed content behaves the same way as if the visitor had visited that external web space.

These webs can collect data from the reader, use cookies, do additional following of third parties and supervise your interaction with such embed content, including your actions on such content if you have an account and are connected on such web space.

How long with your data be saved

When you leave a comment, such comments and their metadata will be stored for an indefinite amount of time. This is for them to be recognized and automatically approve subsequent comments, needless of specific moderation.

Your rights on your data

If you have left any comments on this website, you can request for your personal data to be eliminated. This does not include data that we may be obligated to preserve due to administrative, legal or security reasons.

Visitor comments may be reviewed by a specialized tool for automatic detection of spam.

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